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Egypt Strongly Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza’s Nuseirat Camp

June 9, 2024
Gaza's Nuseirat Camp

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong condemnation on Saturday of the Israeli attack on the Nuseirat camp in central Gaza, which resulted in the deaths of over 200 Palestinians.

The attack has left more than 200 Palestinian civilians dead and hundreds injured. “Israel blatantly violates all provisions of international law and international humanitarian law, along with all values of humanity and human rights,” the statement declared.

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The ministry held Israel legally and morally accountable for the attack, demanding that Israel adhere to its obligations and cease targeting Palestinian civilians and displaced areas. The statement also denounced the widespread destruction of infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt has urged influential international parties and the Security Council to take immediate action to halt the Israeli offensive against Gaza. Emphasizing the dire need for a responsible body to address the humanitarian crisis that has claimed over 36,000 lives, Egypt called for a complete ceasefire across the Gaza Strip and unrestricted access to humanitarian aid and relief supplies through all crossings in the region.

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