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Benisha Hamal Stars in Sunil Giri’s New Music Video “Kaligad”

April 14, 2024

Popular Nepali singer Sunil Giri, known for his captivating compositions and heartfelt lyrics, has released a new song titled ‘Kaligad’. The song features a collaboration with the talented Melina Rai, released just in time for New Year celebrations.

‘Kaligad’ maintains Giri’s signature folk-inspired style and features lyrics that resonate with listeners. The song explores themes of youthful admiration with the lyrics ‘Yo Maya ko Rup Kati Saro Mileko, Koon Kaligad Le Chhileko’.

Benisha Hamal

The accompanying music video stars actress Benisha Hamal and model Roshan KC against the breathtaking backdrop of Lumbini. Cinematographer Alok Shukla captures the beauty of the location, while Manoj Karki provides editing and color grading for the visually appealing video.

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Fans of Sunil Giri are sure to find ‘Kaligad’ a pleasing addition to his collection of romantic and heartfelt works.

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