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488 Fire Incidents Ravage Koshi Province in Just Three Months

March 21, 2024
Koshi Province Fire Reports

BIRATNAGAR, NEPAL – As the dry season takes hold, fire incidents have seen a dangerous increase throughout the Koshi Province. In the last three months alone, the Koshi Province Police Office recorded 488 separate fire incidents across the province’s 14 districts.

Tragically, these fires have resulted in 12 fatalities and 24 injuries, confirmed Superintendent of the Office, Deepak Pokharel. Investigators cite electrical short-circuits, as well as uncontrolled fires in kitchens and cow sheds, as leading causes of these incidents.

“Wildfires have also broken out in local forests,” warned SP Pokharel. “If not contained, these bushfires have the potential to spread into human settlements.”

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Authorities Urge Prevention

Authorities within the Koshi Province are urging residents to practice increased fire safety. This includes:

  • Careful monitoring of all open flames in homes and workplaces.
  • Proper electrical maintenance to reduce the risk of short circuits.
  • Creation of firebreaks around settlements near forests to reduce the risk of wildfire spread.

The dry season is likely to continue for several more weeks, making the risk of fire a constant concern. By taking preventative measures now, residents of Koshi Province can help safeguard their homes and communities.

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