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16 Nepal-India Border Markers Disappear in Banke

April 13, 2024
Border Markers Disappear in Banke

Sixteen border posts, including five main outposts, have disappeared along the 65-kilometer Nepal-India border adjoining the Banke district. Superintendent of Armed Police Bimal Dangi blames natural causes, citing floods that washed away the markers. Many other pillars are reportedly damaged or dilapidated.

The missing and damaged pillars pose a challenge, as repairs require a joint effort between Nepal and India’s survey departments. Only recently, 71 border posts were repainted through a collaborative agreement. Unfortunately, many more remain in disrepair.

The lack of infrastructure and personnel on the Nepali side hinders effective border security. Currently, only 10 Border Out Posts (BOP) patrol the 65-kilometer stretch, compared to 23 BOPs on the Indian side. Plans are underway to add a BOP in Nepal’s Saigaon area.

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