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World Kidney Day Being Observed in Nepal Today: Raising Awareness and Addressing Challenges

March 14, 2024
World Kidney Day

Today, Nepal joins the global community in observing World Kidney Day. Marked annually on the second Thursday of March, this day highlights the importance of kidney health and promotes equal access to treatment. This year’s theme, ‘Equal Access to Kidney Treatment and Safe Medical Practice’, underscores the challenges faced by Nepalis in accessing necessary care.

  • The Burden of Kidney Disease: An estimated 3 million Nepalis (10% of the population) suffer from kidney ailments. This number continues to rise, placing a significant strain on the healthcare system.
  • Access to Treatment: Currently, only ten hospitals in Nepal offer kidney transplant services. While the government provides financial support for transplants and medication, logistical hurdles and limited facilities remain major barriers to care.
  • Challenges and Progress: Despite amendments to the Transplantation of Human Body Organs Act streamlining donation procedures, societal taboos and donor reluctance continue to impede progress. The government’s focus on early detection of kidney disease is crucial for prevention efforts.
  • Raising Awareness: Organizations across Nepal are organizing rallies, football matches, and awareness campaigns to shed light on kidney health. Doctors stress the importance of healthy lifestyles, including diet, exercise, and regular checkups, in preventing kidney disease.

Key Points for Nepalis

  • Know the risks: Diabetes, high blood pressure, infections, and improper medication use can damage kidneys.
  • Watch for symptoms: Changes in urination, fatigue, nausea, and blood in urine can signal kidney problems. Seek medical advice if you experience these.
  • Prevention is key: Maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol, and get regular checkups, especially if you are over 40.

World Kidney Day serves as a reminder of the vital role kidneys play in our health. By raising awareness and focusing on both prevention and treatment, Nepal can work towards ensuring a healthier future for its citizens.

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