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Woman Found Dead in Gongabu, Investigation Underway

May 6, 2024
Found Dead in Gongabu

The lifeless body of a young woman has been discovered in Gongabu. Identified as 31-year-old Kalpana Bhandari, she hailed from Letang Municipality-2 of Morang but was presently residing in Bansbari.

As relayed by the District Police Complex, Kathmandu, a distressing incident unfolded last Friday when a body was sighted hanging within a local hotel in Gongabu. Swift actions were taken to retrieve the individual, who was then rushed to Maharajganj University Teaching Hospital. Regrettably, medical professionals pronounced her deceased upon arrival.

Details provided by the police shed light on Bhandari’s accompaniment by 32-year-old Anit Karki from Chandragiri Municipality-15 at the aforementioned hotel. According to Karki’s statement, concern arose when repeated attempts to make contact with Bhandari went unanswered. Subsequently, assistance was sought from other patrons of the hotel. After forcibly entering the room and discovering the grim scene, immediate measures were taken to lower the body, followed by summoning the authorities.

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Prompt notification was extended to Bhandari’s family by Kathmandu Police officials. Consequently, the family has lodged a formal complaint against Karki, alleging complicity in the tragic incident. Authorities have since detained Karki for further interrogation.

Police sources reveal unsettling details, indicating signs of physical altercation, notably a swollen eye and apparent injuries on Bhandari’s body. Notwithstanding thorough scrutiny, no suicide note or corroborating evidence was unearthed at the site.

Complicating matters, Bhandari’s spouse is currently employed abroad, rendering him unreachable amidst these distressing developments. Law enforcement agencies are actively engaged in ongoing investigations to unravel the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

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