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West Indies A Team Arrival in Nepal Sparks CAN Criticism

April 25, 2024
West Indies A

Nepal Cricket Association faces criticism for West Indies A team’s arrival logistics. Luggage handling sparks online debate.

The West Indies A team’s arrival in Nepal for a five-match T20 series has been met with controversy. A photo depicting the handling of the team’s luggage upon arrival quickly went viral, leading to criticism of the Nepal Cricket Association (CAN). Observers were critical of the luggage being transported in a van, alleging it was a sign of disrespect towards the players.

CAN cricket manager Binod Das has defended the organization’s actions. He explained that it’s standard practice worldwide for player luggage to be transported separately in a van, while players travel by bus. Das also noted that the CAN is not a government body and thus is not obligated to provide VVIP treatment. He did, however, acknowledge that security arrangements did not meet the high standards seen in events like the Asia Cup in Pakistan.

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Das further clarified that the CAN doesn’t own a dedicated luggage van and had to rent the pickup used. He stated that transporting numerous player bags on a bus would be impractical, and pointed out limits on the types of vehicles permitted inside the ring road. Das concluded by promising that the CAN would take the feedback into account for future visits.

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