Indian-Registered Vehicle found crashed Trishuli River in Muglin

January 16, 2024
Found crashed Trishuli River

Muglin, Province No. 3 – In a bizarre incident on Tuesday morning, a white pickup truck with Indian registration number BR9 GC1430 was discovered submerged in the Trishuli River after plunging 85 meters off Bridge number 3 in Muglin. Superintendent of Police Rameshwor Karki reported that the incident occurred around 4:45 am.

Local authorities were alerted to the situation when concerned citizens reported the crash to the police at 5 am. Personnel from the Disaster Management Training Institute in Kurintar were swiftly mobilized to the scene to assess the situation.

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Despite the extensive search at the accident site, no individuals were found, leaving local authorities puzzled about the circumstances surrounding the crash. Superintendent Karki revealed that the police suspect the pickup truck was returning after delivering goods in Kathmandu, raising questions about the mysterious absence of any occupants.

The vehicle’s descent into the Trishuli river occurred after it veered off the bridge, indicating a potentially perilous situation. The investigation is currently ongoing, with authorities working to unravel the mystery behind the crash and locate any possible occupants who may have been involved.

The incident has prompted speculation among locals about the possible reasons for the crash, and authorities are keen to explore all angles in their quest for answers. The Indian registration of the vehicle adds an extra layer of complexity to the situation, requiring collaboration and coordination between Nepali and Indian authorities.

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