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US Proposes Ceasefire Resolution in Gaza, Opposes Israeli Ground Attack

February 20, 2024
Ceasefire Resolution in Gaza

The United States has drafted a UN Security Council resolution proposing a temporary ceasefire in Gaza and opposing a potential Israeli ground offensive in Rafah. The move signals growing international pressure to halt the ongoing conflict.

The US draft expresses concern over the humanitarian impact of continued Israeli operations, arguing that a major ground assault in Rafah would have severe consequences for regional security. It calls for the protection of civilians and opposes actions targeting civilian infrastructure.

While the timing of a potential Security Council vote remains unclear, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield has indicated the US would veto a competing resolution proposed by Algeria. The US favors ongoing diplomatic efforts between Egypt, Israel, Qatar, and Hamas to facilitate a ceasefire.

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Meanwhile, the European Union has joined calls for an immediate and humanitarian cessation of hostilities. Palestinian health officials report that Israeli attacks have resulted in 28,858 deaths and 68,677 injuries in Gaza, primarily civilians.

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