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Tragic End in Biratnagar Staff Nurse Murder Case

March 18, 2024
Biratnagar Staff Nurse Murder

The suspect in the brutal killing of 23-year-old nurse Chandrika Kumari Das has been found dead in a hotel room near the crime scene. Shiva Shankar Das, 22, was discovered hanging in the hotel adjacent to Nobel Teaching Hospital in Biratnagar-4, where the victim worked.

According to Morang Police Chief SP Navaraj Karki, Shiva Shankar had been on the run for three days after allegedly murdering his girlfriend Chandrika Kumari in a crime of passion. His body was found just 300 meters from the residence where the nurse’s lifeless body was recovered on Friday, bearing severe injuries from sharp weapons.

“After identifying the murder suspect, our search efforts intensified. We also employed technical means. Meanwhile, Shiva Shankar’s phone signal led us to Kanchanbari in Biratnagar on Sunday afternoon,” SP Karki stated. It appears Shiva Shankar took his own life while evading arrest.

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The tragic incident seems to stem from jealousy and infidelity. Shiva Shankar had recently returned from working in Malaysia, only to find that Chandrika had taken another lover, Amin Dhanuk, during his absence. A police investigator remarked, “Chandrika Kumari’s infidelity in love drove Shiva Shankar to commit this heinous act.”

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