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Strong Storm Brings Rain to Kathmandu Valley

April 11, 2024
Rain in Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu, Nepal – A powerful storm system swept through Kathmandu Valley today, bringing much-needed rain but also posing significant safety risks. Experts are urging residents to exercise extreme caution as high winds threaten to break tree branches and dangerous lightning strikes are possible.

“While the rain will offer some relief from the recent severe air pollution, the public must stay alert during this storm,” warns disaster management expert Dharmaraj Upreti. “Falling branches and lightning strikes are both very real hazards.”

Forest fires across Nepal have contributed to Kathmandu’s deteriorating air quality, which ranked as the worst in the world earlier this week. The rain is expected to help reduce pollution levels. However, the storm itself introduces new dangers.

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The Nepal Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has issued a warning for Kathmandu Valley, advising residents to seek shelter indoors during lightning activity and to be aware of the risk of falling debris in windy conditions.

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