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Engineering Student Sneha Lamichhane Missing for a Week

May 7, 2024
Sneha Lamichhane

Sneha Lamichhane, a promising 20-year-old engineering student, has been missing for a week now, leaving her family and friends in distress. The last known sighting of Sneha was captured by CCTV cameras near Kalanki Bhatbhateni. She was dressed in black trousers, adorned with a pink and white jacket, and carrying a backpack.

The unsettling disappearance has sparked widespread concern, especially as her phone was found switched off and subsequently traced to the vicinity behind the Airport area. Efforts to locate her since then have been met with little success.

Sneha’s distraught parents, Netra Bahadur Lamichhane and family, have issued a heartfelt plea for any information regarding her whereabouts. They can be contacted at 9865195466 or 9855080491.

The community is urged to come forward with any details that may assist in locating Sneha and reuniting her with her loved ones. Any sightings or information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could prove crucial in this ongoing search effort.

In times like these, every moment counts. If you have seen or heard anything that could help bring Sneha home safely, please contact the authorities immediately.

For further updates on this developing story, stay tuned to reliable news sources.

Contact Information: Netra Bahadur Lamichhane (Parents) Phone: 9865195466, 9855080491

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