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Reecha Sharma to Star in Upcoming Film ‘Balidan’

April 4, 2024
Reecha Sharma

Reecha Sharma has signed on to play the leading role in the upcoming film ‘Balidan’. The actress has entered into a written agreement with production company Aasusen Films. Details about Sharma’s specific character in the film remain undisclosed.

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Directed by Santosh Sen, known for his work on ‘Prem Geet’, ‘Balidan’ is scheduled for release in 2081 BS. Sharma’s previous credits include ‘Chi Musi Chi’ and the commercially successful ‘Loot’. Her career began with the film ‘FIRST Love’.

‘Balidan’ will also mark the acting debut of Sameer Bhatta, son of Biraj Bhatta. The younger Bhatta has reportedly undergone extensive training in acting, martial arts, dance, and conflict studies while living in Mumbai, India.

The film’s plot will center on the protagonist’s decision to protect their country amidst difficult circumstances. Manoj Pandit serves as the film’s script doctor. ‘Balidan’ will be produced under the Aasusen Films banner and shot in Madhesh Pradesh.

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