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Rampur Community Forest Ravaged by Uncontrolled Fire

May 5, 2024
Rampur Community Forest Fire

A wildfire that began on Saturday afternoon has devastated the Ramche Community Forest near Rampur market, causing widespread panic among locals. The blaze, which reignited from a fire that started last Wednesday, has spread rapidly throughout the dry forest, posing a threat to nearby settlements.

Residents, including forest consumers and security personnel, are battling tirelessly to control the flames. Their efforts have successfully contained some sections of the forest, but the wildfire continues to rage in other areas. Structures within the forest, such as a meeting hall, and the Ramche village and Viewtower are at risk.

The Ramche Community Forest Consumer Group has mobilized all available resources to protect their cherished forest. Firefighters from Rampur municipality have joined the hundreds of consumers and police personnel in the ongoing struggle to contain the blaze.

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The prolonged drought conditions have significantly contributed to the fire’s rampant and destructive spread through the dry vegetation.

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