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Prime Minister Prachanda Kickstarts Melamchi Water Resupply

January 15, 2024
Prachanda Kickstarts Melamchi Water Resupply

In a significant move towards restoring normalcy to Kathmandu’s water supply, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda inaugurated the resupply of Melamchi water from the Prime Minister’s office at Singha Durbar today. The symbolic opening of the public tap at Singha Durbar marked the official commencement of the water redistribution project.

Last year, the Melamchi Drinking Water Project faced substantial damages during the rainy season, as floods and landslides wreaked havoc in Sindhupalchok’s Melamchi River. The aftermath had led to a halt in the water distribution in Kathmandu. However, with the initiative led by Prime Minister Prachanda, the resumption of water distribution has begun.

Suresh Acharya, the Secretary of the Ministry of Water Supply, outlined a gradual distribution plan that encompasses crucial areas such as Anamnagar, Minbhawan, Mahankalchaur, Bhaktapur, Khumaltar, Balaju, and Bansbari. This plan aims to ensure a systematic and efficient flow of Melamchi water to the citizens of Kathmandu.

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Zakki Ahmed Ansari, the Project Director of the Melamchi Water Supply Development Committee, announced that Kathmandu would now receive a daily supply of 170 million liters of water from Melamchi. This substantial volume is expected to alleviate the water scarcity that the city has faced in the wake of the project’s disruptions.

Despite a year-long hiatus in distribution caused by damages to the project’s source after last year’s Melamchi river flood, the resumption of water flow to Kathmandu is viewed as a crucial development. Traditionally, Melamchi water, which experiences interruptions during the rainy season, is distributed in the capital for a few months during winter. The reinstatement of this vital water source comes as a relief to the residents of Kathmandu, who have been grappling with water shortages.

The Melamchi water project has been a key infrastructure initiative aimed at enhancing the water supply in the capital, and its revival signals a step forward in ensuring a reliable and consistent water source for Kathmandu residents. The concerted efforts of the government, along with the resilience of the Melamchi Water Supply Development Committee, are pivotal in making this crucial milestone a reality.

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