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NTA Warns ISPs Against Internet Service Disruptions

May 3, 2024
NTA Warns ISPs

Nepal’s Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has directed internet service providers (ISPs) to maintain reliable and continuous internet services. The regulator warned that disruptions to this essential service could result in legal action.

The NTA’s statement follows a service interruption experienced by some ISPs on Thursday. The authority worked to quickly restore service, citing the internet as an essential service.

The NTA clarified its position regarding service providers seeking foreign exchange recommendations for bandwidth payments. The regulator asserted that ISPs cannot receive such recommendations without first fulfilling their obligations to pay royalties and fees according to Telecommunication Regulations. Some ISPs, despite repeated warnings, have failed to do so and are in arrears.

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The NTA further stated that disrupting essential telecommunication services is unacceptable, particularly as some cases are pending in the Supreme Court.

While internet service in Nepal has been restored, ISPs are uncertain about future stability. India’s Airtel, a key bandwidth provider, had previously severed connections. Despite requests for continued service from ISPs and the NTA, Airtel’s official stance on the matter remains unclear.

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