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NEPSE on Monday Faces Second Pause Amidst 5% Surge

March 4, 2024

Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) encountered a volatile start on Monday, witnessing a second temporary halt after a notable 5% surge in its key index.

This sudden upswing prompted a 40-minute suspension of trading operations, underscoring the significant impact of market dynamics on the trading landscape. The total turnover during this brief hiatus amounted to Rs 26.37 Crore.

At the resumption of trading at 12:04 PM, NEPSE was positioned at 2,059.00 levels, reflecting a positive change of 98.69 points.

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This interruption followed an earlier market pause on the same day, triggered by a 4% surge in the benchmark index within the initial 3 minutes of opening. Trading recommenced at 11:23 AM following a brief hiatus.

NEPSE has implemented a robust system of Index-based Circuit Breakers crafted to manage extreme market movements. Trigger thresholds are set at 4%, 5%, and 6% in either direction, ensuring a measured response to market volatility.

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