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Nepal’s Women’s Football Team Signals a Bright Future

The future is bright.
March 3, 2024

Despite a heartbreaking loss in the final of the WAFF Women’s Championship, the Nepali women’s football team has captured the hearts of fans and demonstrated incredible potential for future success. The team’s performance was followed closely, with over 400,000 people watching the final match live on YouTube.

After a long history of international play, the Nepali women’s team is still seeking its first major title. However, this tournament has given the nation hope for the future of women’s football.

Captain Anjila Tumbapo Subba, currently playing in the Indian Women’s League, shared her determination despite the loss: “After 38 years, we again failed to win the title for the country. But, we have not given up.”

The team’s recent success is attributed in part to the growing number of Nepali women playing in foreign leagues, gaining valuable experience. Players like Sabitra Bhandari “Samba”, who broke records as the first Nepali player to compete in the French league, are leading the way.

While still awaiting their first title, the Nepali women’s football team has sent a message that they are a force to be reckoned with. With increased investment and more domestic game opportunities from governing bodies like ANFA, the future is bright.

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