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Nepal’s Health Minister Urges Vaccination Against Measles, Rubella

March 15, 2024
Health Minister Urges Vaccination

Deputy Prime Minister Upendra Yadav, also Minister for Health and Population, has released a video message strongly encouraging parents and guardians to vaccinate their children during the ongoing measles and rubella campaign.

Citing Nepal’s commitment to eliminating these diseases by 2026, Yadav emphasized the urgency of the campaign due to a recent surge in measles and rubella cases, particularly in the Tarai/Madhesh region and Kathmandu Valley.

The government has targeted 24 districts, primarily those bordering India, as high-risk areas. Children aged nine months to 15 years in these districts will receive an additional measles-rubella vaccination dose. In 51 districts, children between nine months and five years will be covered.

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Yadav stressed that the campaign provides an additional vaccine dose and is recommended for all children, even those who have already received regular measles-rubella vaccinations.

He called upon all relevant government agencies and partners to collaborate and ensure the campaign’s success. The campaign is currently underway in 75 districts, aiming to vaccinate over 5.7 million children. Approximately 80% of the target population has been reached so far.

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