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Nepalis Can Now Get Indian SIM Cards

February 21, 2024
Indian SIM Cards

Nepali visitors in India can now breathe a sigh of relief as the Indian Ministry of Communications simplifies access to Indian SIM cards. As of Monday, Nepalis traveling directly from Nepal will be able to easily obtain a local SIM card for use during their stay.

“This is great news,” tweeted Nepali Ambassador to India, Shankar Prasad Sharma, highlighting that Nepali citizens were previously denied SIM cards due to technical hurdles.

Simplified Process, Increased Connectivity

The new streamlined process requires Nepali travelers to simply provide valid proof of identity, such as:

  • Citizenship certificate
  • Voter identification card
  • Embassy-issued photo-identity certificate

For Nepalis entering India from countries other than Nepal, a passport with a valid Indian visa is necessary.

Staying Connected with Limitations

The validity of the SIM card is tied to either the length of the traveler’s permitted stay in India or their visa duration. Additionally, a 3-month maximum limit applies, even for longer stays. International roaming is not allowed on these SIM cards.

Praise for Collaboration

Ambassador Sharma commended the swift response by India’s Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Communications in addressing Nepal’s request, leading to this positive change.

This new policy boosts ease of communication for Nepali nationals visiting India, enhancing their travel experience and connectivity in the neighboring country.

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