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Nepal Police Seize Over 15 Million Rupees in Nepalgunj

March 11, 2024
Nepalgunj Seize Money

Authorities in Nepalgunj, Nepal, recovered a total of 13 million 48 thousand 700 Nepali rupees and 1.5 million 40 thousand Indian rupees in a two-day operation targeting undisclosed funds. District Police Chief, SP Subaschandra Bohora, confirmed the seizures and stated that three groups have been apprehended.

The first confiscation occurred on Sunday, resulting in the arrest of Anup Tharu, Purnima Chaudhary, and Hafiq Ahmed, who were found in possession of 39 lakh 20 thousand Nepali rupees.

On Monday, a raid on a hotel room in Nepalgunj yielded 57 lakh 28 thousand 700 Nepali rupees. Hotel owner Krishna Bika, Nepali citizen Rohit Chhetri, and Indian national Rahul Jaiswal were arrested in connection with this seizure. Police also recovered 11 lakh Indian rupees.

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A third seizure resulted in the arrest of Salim Jolaha and Hasik Ansari. Authorities recovered 34 lakh Nepali rupees and 440 thousand Indian rupees from the pair.

SP Bohora indicated that the seized funds might be connected to illegal hundi activities, though this remains unconfirmed. An investigation is underway to determine the source of the money.

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