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Nepali Applicants Granted Universal Access to EPS Korean Language Exams

This decision, confirmed by Dandu Raj Ghimire.
January 9, 2024
EPS Korean Language Exams

In a significant move, the South Korean government has granted approval for all applicants of the EPS (Employment Permit System) Korean language examination to take part in the upcoming exams. This decision, confirmed by Dandu Raj Ghimire, Director General at the Foreign Employment Department, follows a recent dispute in Kathmandu.

Dispute Resolved: Initial Restrictions and Tragedy

The EPS Korea Section’s initial restrictions on shipbuilding applicants participating in language exams led to clashes in Kathmandu, resulting in the unfortunate loss of two Nepali youths. Responding to the crisis, the High Court intervened, issuing two orders compelling authorities to allow shipbuilding applicants access to alternative Korean language exams.

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Inclusive Measures: HRD Center of Korea Grants Universal Permission

Addressing the situation, Ghimire announced that the HRD Center of Korea has granted universal permission for all applicants to participate in the Korean language examinations. This inclusive decision is a crucial step towards addressing concerns raised during the recent dispute and fostering a fair and equal-opportunity environment for aspiring workers.

Structured Phases: 164,716 Applicants to Compete in Three Exam Stages

With exams scheduled to commence on January 20, the process will unfold in three phases. The first phase is expected to host 47,000 applicants, followed by 80,000 in the second phase and 37,000 in the third. This decision ensures fairness and equal opportunities for the record-breaking 164,716 students seeking positions in Korea’s manufacturing sector.

Record Demand: 164,716 Applicants Eager to Contribute to Korea’s Workforce

Highlighting the substantial demand for employment opportunities in Korea, a remarkable 164,716 students have submitted applications. The inclusive decision to allow shipbuilding applicants in the language exams signifies a positive shift in policy, addressing concerns and establishing a level playing field for all those aspiring to contribute to Korea’s dynamic and diverse workforce.

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