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Belgium-based Nepali Artist Ujjwal KC Passes Away at 54

KC had been living in Belgium with his wife and two daughters.
May 14, 2024
Ujjwal KC

Ujjwal KC, a renowned artist based in Belgium but originally from Imadol, Lalitpur, passed away on Saturday at the age of 54. Family sources confirmed that he suffered a heart attack at his residence in Belgium.

KC had been living in Belgium with his wife and two daughters for the past two decades. His funeral is scheduled to be held in Belgium on Wednesday.

KC was an active member of the Nepali Movie Artists Association and made significant contributions to the Nepali art scene even while living in Europe. He directed numerous music videos, acted in Nepali films, and hosted the program ‘The Voice’ on Nepal Television. He notably worked with actress Shrisha Karki in the movie ‘Footpath’ during her early career.

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KC was also known for his work behind the camera, directing music videos like singer Ramakrishna Dhakal’s “Hawale,” which featured scenes shot and edited by KC himself across France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

His artistic talents extended to radio, where he was a former radio personality.

Ujjwal KC’s untimely demise is a significant loss to the Nepali art community, both in Nepal and abroad. He will be remembered for his artistic contributions, his vibrant personality, and his dedication to promoting Nepali culture on an international platform.

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