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Nepal to See Rain Next Week, Easing Extreme Summer Heat

May 3, 2024
Nepal to See Rain

The Weather Forecast Division of the Department of Water and Meteorology has issued welcome news for those struggling with Nepal’s intense summer temperatures. Light to moderate rainfall is anticipated within the next week across all seven provinces.

Meteorologist Pratibha Manandhar explains that a western low-pressure system will usher in cloud cover, bringing some rain and slightly reducing the maximum temperature. “When the maximum temperature drops, it feels a bit cooler compared to now,” she said.

This April has tragically ranked as the hottest summer month globally since 1901, and Nepal hasn’t escaped the consequences. Extreme heat and hot air have severely disrupted daily life, even forcing school closures for two days in Rupandehi.

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The adverse weather is compounded by an abnormally dry winter season. According to Bibhuti Pokharel, spokesperson of the Department of Water and Meteorology, Nepal received only 21 millimeters of rain during a period that should have seen 60% of its typical rainfall. The lack of precipitation extends back further, with the pre-monsoon period (March to May) also proving unusually arid. This prolonged dryness contributes to an alarming increase in fire incidents.

Anil Pokharel, head of the National Disaster Mitigation and Management Authority, expresses cautious optimism: a chance of rain after Sunday offers hope for much-needed relief in controlling the fires. “The fire has become unimaginable,” he told The Ditible. “Since there is a possibility of rain after Sunday, it seems that there will be some respite from the fire.”

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