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Nepal Police Rescue 236 from Human Trafficking

February 14, 2024
Nepal Police Human Trafficking

Nepal’s Human Trafficking Investigation Bureau, a specialized unit within the Nepal Police, remains dedicated to fighting human trafficking. The Bureau recently reported rescuing 236 individuals from potential trafficking situations. Among those rescued were 150 women, 26 men, and 60 girls.

Deputy Inspector General Bhim Prasad Dhakal, the Nepal Police’s central spokesperson, emphasizes the vulnerability of Nepalis lured by false promises of work or settlement in nations like India, Malaysia, various Middle Eastern countries, and nations within Europe and Africa.

Alongside human trafficking cases, the Nepal Police are expanding their digital services. In the past seven months, they’ve issued 550,060 character certificates online. Out of 710,944 applications, 144,212 were canceled and 16,672 are in process.

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The Criminal Record System Section at Police Headquarters manages these police reports under the Department of Crime Investigation. Additional Inspector General Tek Bahadur Tamang assures that reports are generally issued within five days of application.

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