Nepal Launches National Cyber Security Center to Safeguard Digital Future

May 23, 2024
Cyber Security Center Nepal

Nepal’s government has taken a significant step towards securing its digital infrastructure by establishing the National Cyber Security Center. This initiative aligns with the goals of the “Digital Nepal Framework 2076,” aiming to create a robust and secure digital ecosystem.

Located in the old Ministry of Home Affairs building at Singha Durbar, the center is operational and overseen by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Led by Rajkumar Maharjan, the center’s mission is multifaceted:

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  • Centralized Hub: Functioning as a central contact point, the center fosters research and development in cybersecurity, promotes public awareness, and facilitates preparedness for cyber threats.
  • Threat Identification & Response: The center proactively identifies potential cyber challenges, implements preventative measures, and establishes response and recovery protocols.
  • Digital Forensics: Equipped for digital forensic investigations, the center can analyze cyber incidents and gather evidence.

The center’s establishment reflects Nepal’s growing concern over cyber threats. With a team of 12 cybersecurity professionals, the center will provide 24/7 monitoring of critical information infrastructure, assess cyber risks, and form emergency response teams at both national and provincial levels.

This initiative builds upon the foundation laid by the National Information Technology Emergency Support Group Operation and Management Guideline, 2075 (2018). A recent “Cyber Security Preparatory Exercise” further bolstered preparedness.

The 2023/24 (2080/81) budget statement also addressed the need for a central cybersecurity authority. Regulations are being developed to establish a licensing system for entities offering cybersecurity services, ensuring qualified personnel and adherence to defined standards.

Nepal’s National Cyber Security Center represents a commitment to safeguarding its digital journey within the “Digital Nepal Framework.” By prioritizing cybersecurity, the government aims to build a more resilient and secure digital environment for its citizens and institutions.

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