Murder Suspect Apprehended in Dharan Case

March 23, 2024
Murder Dharan suspect
Photo: Dharan Police

Authorities in Dharan, Sunsari, have arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with the tragic murder of Sumana Shrestha. The suspect, identified as Baburam Bhujel (alias Sabin), was apprehended on Thursday in Mulghat, Dhankuta Municipality, after evading capture.

Police presented Bhujel, a resident of Dharan Sub Metropolitan-16, to the media on Friday. A crucial piece of evidence, the victim’s mobile phone, was recovered from the suspect. However, Superintendent of Police Bipin Regmi revealed that Bhujel admitted to destroying and discarding the SIM card in a river.

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Shrestha’s body, 21 years old, was discovered Wednesday evening near a rivulet close to the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan.

Police investigations chillingly suggest a premeditated crime. Reports indicate that Bhujel’s motive stemmed from jealousy, allegedly triggered by Shrestha’s developing relationship with another individual.

The crime reportedly followed a heated confrontation between the suspect and the victim after Bhujel lured her to the remote location under the cover of night.

Police announced that Bhujel will be detained for a week to facilitate further investigation.

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