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Manchester United Explores Shift to High Legh Golf Club Amidst Training Ground Upgrade Pursuit

January 17, 2024
Manchester United Explores Shift to High Legh Golf Club

MANCHESTER, UK — Manchester United, a football club steeped in history and tradition, is contemplating a significant shift from its current Carrington training ground in pursuit of a site that offers greater potential for expansion. This move comes in the aftermath of the club’s new ownership, led by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, deeming the current Carrington base inadequate. The sentiment aligns with public criticism voiced by star player Cristiano Ronaldo last season, emphasizing the need for a modern, state-of-the-art training facility.

A Potential New Location

The High Legh Golf Club in Knutsford, South Manchester, has emerged as a prospective location that has captured the club’s interest. Its proximity to players’ residences and the extensive facilities it offers, including an 18-hole Championship course and a driving range, make it an appealing choice. The golf club, acquired by American Golf in 2021 for 2.7 million, has been on the market since the previous year.

Comparing Training Facilities

Manchester United’s current training facilities have faced scrutiny for falling short of elite standards, trailing behind rival clubs such as Manchester City and Tottenham. Issues like limited parking availability have further highlighted the need for an upgrade. The club is exploring various options, including the possibility of retaining Carrington for the women’s team and the academy. However, the ideal scenario would be to centralize all operations at a single, modern location.

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Funding Uncertainty

The funding for the proposed new training ground remains clouded in uncertainty. A significant contribution may be required from Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who is set to oversee football operations with a 25 percent investment in the club. While Ratcliffe has committed to investing £250 million in Manchester United, questions linger regarding how the costs for the new training ground will be distributed between him and the current owners, the Glazers.

As Manchester United contemplates this significant transition, the football community eagerly awaits further developments, keen to see how the club’s legacy evolves under its new ownership and the potential shift to a cutting-edge training facility.

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