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La Liga President and Nepali Ambassador Discuss Football Partnership

March 6, 2024
La Liga Football Nepal
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Nepali Ambassador to Spain, Sharmila Parajuli Dhakal, and the President of Spanish La Liga, Javier Tebas Medrano, engaged in discussions about fostering collaboration in Nepali football. President Medrano commended Ambassador Dhakal’s endeavors to bridge Nepal and Spain through sports, expressing a willingness to collaborate for the advancement of Nepali football.

During the meeting at La Liga headquarters in Madrid on Tuesday, Ambassador Dhakal extended an invitation to President Medrano to visit Nepal, an offer he eagerly accepted. In an official statement, Ambassador Dhakal conveyed, “La Liga is enthusiastic about contributing to the development of Nepali football as a whole. However, their specific interest lies in fostering cooperation in women’s football.”

The discussion also revolved around the possibility of establishing a football academy in Nepal with La Liga’s support, aiming to enhance the technical aspects of Nepali football. Ambassador Dhakal emphasized the importance of conveying positive messages through sports in Nepal, highlighting the role of youth engagement in nation-building through active involvement in sports.

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Ambassador Dhakal explained, “Sports play a crucial role in advancing society in a healthy, creative, and developmental manner. Hence, we are seeking collaboration and support from Spain, particularly in football and other sports. Given Spain’s high standing in football, we believe this partnership will prove beneficial.”

Pointing out the strong fan base for Spanish football in Nepal, Ambassador Dhakal expressed the belief that La Liga is genuinely excited about the collaboration. President Medrano, recognizing the geographical potential of Nepal for national and international sports, confirmed that cooperation initiatives would commence shortly. As a gesture of goodwill, he presented Ambassador Dhakal with the official La Liga football.

The collaboration between the Nepali Embassy in Spain and Caserenyo FC, a second-division club, resulted in friendly matches in Nepal last year, showcasing the growing ties between the two nations in the realm of football.

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