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Jajarkot Earthquake Destroyed Schools to be Rebuilt

March 25, 2024
Jajarkot Earthquake

The Ministry of Finance will provide the funding needed to rebuild schools destroyed by the Jajarkot earthquake. Educational institutions will be reconstructed using funds from the President’s Educational Reform Program.

Finance Minister Barshman Pun and Education Minister Sumana Shrestha, along with officials from both ministries, reached this agreement during discussions at the Ministry of Finance. The earthquake destroyed over 700 school buildings in Jajarkot, Rukum Paschim, and Bajhang districts.

Minister Pun has directed staff to use the remaining budget from the President’s Educational Reform Program for this fiscal year to fund the reconstruction efforts. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake centered in Lamidanda of the Barekot Rural Municipality in Jajarkot on November 3rd (17th Karthik) caused extensive damage to 700 schools.

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The two ministries have also decided to end the President’s Educational Reform Program in the upcoming fiscal year 2081/081 due to repeated concerns about its effectiveness.

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