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Viral Rumor: Is Dolly Chaiwala the New Windows 12 Brand Ambassador?

April 7, 2024
Dolly Chaiwala Brand Ambassador

Viral sensation Dolly Chaiwala is rumored to be the brand ambassador of Windows 12 after a visit from Bill Gates. Is it Fact or fiction?

Social media is abuzz with the tale of Dolly Chaiwala, the Nagpur tea seller known for his unique tea-making style, being appointed a brand ambassador for Windows 12 by Bill Gates himself. The story, which has taken the internet by storm, stems from a recent viral video where Gates visits Dolly’s stall and enjoys a cup of chai.

Dolly Chaiwala Brand Ambassador
Dolly and Bill Gates.

Fact or Fiction?

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While the heartwarming video is undeniably real (as seen on Bill Gates’ Instagram), there’s no evidence to support the claim about Dolly Chaiwala’s ambassadorship. Neither Microsoft nor Bill Gates have issued any official statements on the matter.

It’s important to remember that viral social media stories can often be exaggerated or entirely fabricated. In this case, it seems likely that enthusiastic fans, inspired by Gates’ appreciation for Dolly Chaiwala’s innovation, may have jumped to conclusions.

The Backstory

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was in India and shared his positive experiences online. His video with Dolly Chaiwala highlights the innovative spirit he’s found during his travels. Dolly Chaiwala is a Nagpur tea seller whose creative tea-making methods have earned him internet fame.

The Takeaway

While the idea of Dolly Chaiwala representing a major tech brand is charming, it’s crucial to approach viral stories with a healthy dose of skepticism. Always seek out official sources for confirmation before believing everything you see on social media.

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