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Humla Overcomes Snowfall to Protect Children: Vaccination Campaign Continues

March 18, 2024
Humla Overcomes Snowfall

Humla district is preparing for a measles and rubella vaccination campaign, but recent snowfall has disrupted plans in two remote areas. Prem Bahadur Singh, Head of the Health Service Office, reports that the Chala center in Namkha Rural Municipality-4 and the Limi center in Ward No. 6 will face delays due to transportation challenges caused by the weather.

Despite the setback, the campaign is otherwise ready to proceed. Vaccines are prepared, health workers and volunteers are mobilized, and materials have been distributed to the remaining 105 vaccination centers.

A total of 321 health workers and volunteers will work to vaccinate 6,212 children throughout the district. The Health Service Office and Village Health Branch have strategically placed vaccination centers across the seven rural municipalities. Doctors have also been assigned to visit villages in case of emergencies.

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