Helping Someone Struck by Lightning Strike

May 19, 2024
Lightning Strike

As monsoon season approaches in Nepal, lightning incidents are on the rise. These are the steps you can take to help someone struck by Lightning.

The National Disaster Mitigation Authority reports an average of 100 lightning-related deaths each year in the country. Knowing how to react quickly can save a life.

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If you see someone struck by lightning:

  • Call for help immediately. Dial for an ambulance and get the injured person to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
  • Provide first aid. It’s safe to touch a lightning-strike victim. There’s no remaining electrical current.
  • Check for breathing. Place your cheek near the person’s mouth and nose to feel for breath.
  • Look for a pulse. Use two fingers to feel for a pulse at the wrist or neck.
  • Start CPR if needed. If the person isn’t breathing and has no pulse, begin CPR right away. Push the center of the chest firmly and at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute. Continue CPR until help arrives.
  • Check for injuries. Lightning strikes can cause burns, broken bones, and hearing or vision problems. Look for these signs and treat any bleeding with bandages.

Remember: Every second counts. By calling for help and starting CPR promptly, you can significantly increase the chances of a lightning strike victim’s survival.

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