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Government to Reclaim 10 Ropanis of Encroached Public Land

March 22, 2024
Encroached Public Land

The Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation announced Friday its decision to reclaim 10 ropanis of public land. The land was previously registered under Bansbari Shoes Company but had been encroached upon by various parties, including CG Chandbagh Residency.

Chief Land Revenue Officer Chhabiram Nepali stated that the decision was made by the Land Revenue Act. An investigation revealed that the land was originally registered to Bansbari Shoes Company.

Minister Balaram Adhikari emphasized the government’s commitment to reclaiming public land registered under the names of individuals or organizations. He urged officials to work fearlessly for the public good.

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The Bansbari Shoes Company land encroachment case remains under investigation by the Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police.

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