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Google Lens Now Lets You Save Your Visual Search History

March 10, 2024
Google Lens

Google has released a much-anticipated update to Google Lens, its powerful visual search tool. Users can now save a history of the images they’ve analyzed using Google Lens, allowing for easier reference and follow-up.

Previous Limitations

In the past, images captured within the Google Lens app for analysis would vanish after the search was completed. This often meant users had to resort to workarounds, such as taking a separate photograph with their camera app and then uploading that photo to Lens.

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New Convenience

With this new feature, Google is streamlining the Google Lens experience. Images captured directly within the Lens interface, specifically when accessed through the Google app, will now be automatically saved. Note that this doesn’t extend to images sourced from Google Photos or the Circle to Search feature.

Accessing Your Visual History

To view, download, or manage your visual search history, navigate to myactivity.google.com. This brings the Google Lens experience closer to parity with text and voice search history.

Opt-In Setting

Remember, this convenient new feature isn’t enabled automatically. To activate it:

  1. Go to myactivity.google.com
  2. Select “Data & Privacy”
  3. Choose “Web & App Activity”
  4. Enable the “Include Visual Search History” option

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