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Massive Fire Erupts Near Lifeline Hospital in Damak

April 10, 2024
Lifeline Hospital Fire

A devastating fire broke out near Lifeline Hospital in Damak on Tuesday night, causing estimated losses exceeding 2 crore rupees. The fire originated from the house of Prem Bahadur Dhimal and quickly spread to three neighboring houses.

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According to Jhapa police officials, the flames engulfed a dialysis building within the hospital complex, destroying vital equipment and supplies. Hospital president Dr. Muktinath Bhattarai confirmed the complete suspension of dialysis services due to the damage sustained by essential dialysis machines.

A swift response from six local fire engines, including teams from Damak Municipality, Kamal Rural Municipality, Pathari Shanishchare Municipality, and Urlabari Municipality, along with support from the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and residents, helped extinguish the blaze.

Preliminary local investigations suggest the fire may have originated from a “carat” used to deter mosquitoes, which held burning eggs.

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