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Durga Rimal Ghimire’s Death Sparks Tension at Birat Nursing Home

June 7, 2024
Durga Rimal Ghimire

Durga Rimal (Ghimire) of Itahari-5 Simarbana died at Birat Nursing Home after being admitted for stomach pain. The family alleges medical negligence involving excessive medication.

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Durga Rimal (Ghimire) from Itahari-5 Simarbana was admitted to Birat Nursing Home on Wednesday following a doctor’s recommendation due to complaints of general stomach and intestinal pain. Initially admitted in stable condition, her situation took a tragic turn when she was declared dead on Thursday, leading to heightened tensions at the nursing home.

According to Kapuri News Family sources report that Durga passed away after being administered excessive medication while walking upstairs to the hospital after lunch. They allege that more than five syringes were used consecutively. Despite the doctor initially attributing her unconscious state to a heart problem, she was declared dead on Thursday.

The family members accuse Dr. Bhanu Neupane and Dr. Lalit Rajbansi of negligence, claiming that their actions led to Durga’s untimely death.

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