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Dog Brutality on Rise in Nepal: Community Dog Left for Dead After Vicious Beating

June 27, 2024
Dog Brutality in Nepal
Photo: Onlinekhabar

A disturbing trend of animal cruelty is emerging in Nepal, with reports of dogs being targeted in brutal attacks. In the latest incident, a community dog in Kirtipur Municipality Ward No. 5, Panga, was savagely beaten by a local resident, Suresh Maharjan. The attack left the dog with its eyes popped out and severe head injuries.

The Animal Welfare Association rescued the critically injured animal and is currently providing treatment. Sneha Shrestha, president of the Welfare, expressed her outrage at the incident. “The dog was beaten so badly that its survival is uncertain,” she stated. Shrestha further revealed that the dog was hit with sticks and stones, with the intention of inflicting maximum suffering.

Maharjan reportedly justified his actions by claiming the dog had eaten one of his chickens. However, Shrestha highlighted the reluctance of local police to take a complaint against the perpetrator. “People from the village surrounded us, and the police were hesitant to get involved,” she explained.

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This incident is not an isolated case. Just weeks ago, a video went viral on social media showing a group of youths in Ilam brutally beating a puppy and throwing it alive into a ditch. Fortunately, the AWA filed a complaint with the Ilam District Police Office, leading to the arrest of three individuals.

Nepal’s current Animal Welfare Law prohibits cruelty to animals and carries a maximum penalty of three months imprisonment and a fine of up to 5,000 rupees (approximately $40 USD). Advocate Padam Bahadur Shrestha emphasized the legal framework in place: “Cruel treatment and killing of any animal is a crime under the Civil Code 2075. Complaints can be filed with the police, district administration office, or the district attorney’s office.”

The recent incidents highlight the urgent need for stricter enforcement of animal cruelty laws in Nepal, along with public education campaigns promoting compassion and respect for all living beings.

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