China and Nepal Reopen Traditional Border Trade Routes, Boosting Economic Ties

May 26, 2024
China Nepal Border Trade Routes

China and Nepal reopened key trade routes along their border on Saturday, marking a significant step towards strengthening economic and commercial partnerships between the two countries.

The reopening ceremony was held in Zhentang Township, located on the China-Nepal border within Xigaze City, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, according to Xinhua News Agency.

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Resuming Cross-Border Commerce

The ceremony marked the official resumption of trade activities at Zhentang, where over 100 merchants from both China and Nepal participated in transactions involving a wide range of goods. These included daily necessities, building materials, food and beverages, agricultural products, and Nepalese handicrafts.

Trade has also recommenced at other traditional border points across several counties, including Zhongba, Saga, Gyirong, and Nyalam.

Gateway to South Asia

Xigaze plays a crucial role in China’s economic integration with South Asia, bordering India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The city itself boasts five land ports dedicated to facilitating trade.

Boosting Border Development

Feng Xuecheng, director of Xigaze’s municipal commerce bureau, highlighted the importance of traditional border trade in supporting local livelihoods and fostering development in border regions. He expressed China’s commitment to further improve border trade infrastructure and promote even stronger economic ties with Nepal.

Nepal: China’s Top Trading Partner

Xizang, the region encompassing Xigaze, conducted trade with 175 countries and regions in 2023. Notably, Nepal emerged as Xizang’s largest trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching approximately 2.77 billion yuan (about 389.5 million US dollars) last year. This figure represents a significant 77.2% increase compared to the previous year.

The reopening of these traditional border trade routes is expected to further strengthen economic ties between China and Nepal, creating opportunities for businesses and communities on both sides of the border.

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