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Busy Day Expected in Nepali Parliament: Budget Scrutiny and Bill on the Agenda

June 24, 2024
Nepali Parliament

The House of Representatives convenes today at the Parliament House in Naya Baneshwor for a session packed with discussions on the upcoming fiscal year’s budget (2081/2082).

A key item on the agenda is the tabling of a bill originating from the National Assembly – the “Secure Transactions (First Amendment) Bill, 2080.” This bill aims to amend existing regulations concerning secure transactions, likely focusing on areas like digital payments or electronic signatures.

The session will also feature a question-and-answer session with various ministers. The Minister of Health and Population will be at the forefront, addressing queries raised by parliamentarians regarding their ministry’s budget allocation for the upcoming fiscal year.

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Similarly, ministers from the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, and several others, will face questions about their respective budgets. This includes ministries handling crucial portfolios like Finance, Home Affairs, and Infrastructure.

The session is also expected to see proposals from Members of Parliament (MPs) regarding potential reductions in spending across various ministry budgets. This is a standard part of the budget review process, allowing for a more detailed examination of government spending plans.

Overall, today’s parliamentary session promises lively discussions and scrutiny as Nepal’s lawmakers delve into the details of the upcoming national budget.

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