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Biratnagar: Suspicious Object Linked to Arrests Made in Unrest Probe

February 13, 2024
Biratnagar Suspicious Object

In Biratnagar Metropolitan City-3, a potentially Suspicious hazardous object was discovered near the Household and Small Industries office. The object in question was identified as a pressure cooker secured with tape.

Responding promptly to the situation, a team from the Nepali Army is currently on-site to safely dispose of the suspicious item.

In connection with the discovery of the dubious object, law enforcement authorities apprehended two individuals. The police allege that these individuals were part of a group involved in causing unrest in private schools and various locations.

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Preliminary investigations suggest that the arrested individuals were responsible for placing the suspicious items. However, the police have not disclosed specific details about the detained individuals at this time. The situation is under active investigation, and authorities are working diligently to ensure public safety.

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