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Bengaluru Woman Arrested for Conspiring with Lover to Murder Husband

January 13, 2024
Bengaluru Women arrrested

In a chilling turn of events, the HSR Layout police in Bengaluru have arrested a woman, identified as Nandini Bai, on charges of conspiring with her lover, Nitish Kumar, to brutally murder her husband, Venkata Nayak. The duo then attempted to mask the crime by portraying it as a heart attack, but their sinister plot was uncovered by law enforcement.

The incident unfolded on January 9, when Nandini invited Nitish to her residence while her 30-year-old husband was away. However, Venkata unexpectedly returned home, catching the illicit lovers in a compromising situation. A heated argument ensued between Nandini and Venkata, escalating into a violent confrontation.

During the altercation, Nandini and Nitish ruthlessly attacked Venkata with a stone, resulting in his tragic demise. In a bid to conceal their crime, the perpetrators dragged Venkata’s lifeless body near the toilet and strategically placed the murder weapon, the stone, beside him.

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Attempting to mislead the authorities, Nandini promptly alerted the police, claiming that her husband had collapsed near the toilet, supposedly succumbing to a heart attack after striking his head on the sharp-edged stone.

Initially registered as a case of unnatural death, suspicions arose during the post-mortem examination, revealing signs consistent with foul play. The preliminary investigations further contradicted the notion of natural death, prompting the police to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Venkata Nayak’s demise.

Following an intensive interrogation, Nandini confessed to her involvement in the gruesome crime. Subsequent inquiries uncovered that Nandini and Nitish had been childhood friends from the Sathya Sai region in Andhra Pradesh. Over time, their friendship had evolved into an illicit affair, with Nitish traveling from Andhra Pradesh to meet Nandini whenever her husband was away.

Both Nandini Bai and Nitish Kumar have been apprehended by the Bengaluru police and are now facing charges related to the premeditated murder of Venkata Nayak. The shocking incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, as law enforcement works to bring justice to the victim and answers to his grieving family.

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