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Al Ettifaq Extends Steven Gerrard’s Contract Until 2027

January 18, 2024
Al Ettifaq Extends Steven Gerrard

Al Ettifaq, Saudi Arabia – In a surprising turn of events, Al Ettifaq has successfully negotiated a contract extension with their current manager, Steven Gerrard. The former Liverpool and England captain initially signed a two-year deal with the club in the summer of 2025, which was set to expire in 2027. However, both parties have reached an agreement to further extend Gerrard’s tenure, securing his managerial role until 2027.

Gerrard, who enjoyed a stellar playing career, has been making waves in the managerial realm as well. His impact at Al Ettifaq has been notable, and the decision to extend his contract underscores the confidence the club has in his leadership and tactical acumen.

The announcement comes as a testament to the positive relationship between Gerrard and the club’s management. The extension is expected to provide stability and continuity, allowing Gerrard to continue building upon the foundation he has laid during his initial tenure.

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