Former Minister Abdul Khan Injured in Dhading Car Crash

April 8, 2024
Abdul Khan Dhading Car Crash

Abdul Khan, the Vice President of the Janamat Party and a former minister was involved in a car accident along with members of his private secretariat in Krishnabhir, Dhading, on Monday.

The incident occurred as Khan’s vehicle was en route from Kathmandu to Bardia. According to Atiullah Muslim, Khan’s secretary, the accident transpired while attempting to avoid collision with another jeep, leading to the vehicle crashing into a wall. As a result, the driver, personal secretary, and a computer operator sustained injuries.

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Muslim reported that Khan sustained fractures in his left hand and injuries to a finger on his right hand, in addition to injuries on his leg and waist. The driver suffered chest injuries, while the computer operator, Anwar Khan, sustained a head injury.

Following the accident, they are being transported from the scene to the National Trauma Center in Kathmandu via ambulance.

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