Aarti Hamal Missing in Goa: Mayor’s Family Appeals for Help

March 27, 2024
Aarti Hamal

Aarti Hamal, daughter of the Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan mayor, has gone missing in Goa, India. Her family urgently requests help in locating her.

Gopal Hamal, mayor of the Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan city, has taken to the social media platform ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter) to announce the disappearance of his elder daughter, Aarti, in Goa, India. Aarti had been practicing Osho meditation at the Osho Meditation Centre for several months.

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In his ‘X’ post, Mayor Hamal stated: “My elder daughter, Aarti, is an Osho meditator who has been living in Goa for a few months. However, I have received a message from her friend stating that she has lost contact with Aarti Zorba Vibes Ashwem Breeze since yesterday. I humbly request that those who live in Goa assist in the search for my daughter, Aarti.”

He further added, “Also, my younger daughter Arzoo and son-in-law are flying to Goa tonight to look for our elder daughter Aarti.” The mayor shared contact numbers on social media: “I sincerely request that you contact 9794096014 / 8273538132 / 9389607953 to provide the necessary assistance in the search for my daughter.”

Aarti’s social media name on Facebook is Artusha Hamal Dhyan Leela. Arzoo Hamal, the mayor’s younger daughter, also posted on Facebook, stating: “All my friends and family. I humbly request that you all not reach out to me today, as I am on my way to Goa to find my sister, I will only reach there tomorrow morning. I will be taking a flight from Lucknow to Goa. I’m in the car right now and don’t have any means to charge my phone. I’m also getting calls from our fellow Nepalese in Goa to help us in this cause. Therefore, my friends and well-wishers in Nepal, kindly help me save my phone battery. I will be unable to answer your queries.

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