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2,200-Year-Old Ancient City from Mahabharata Era Unearthed in Bhadrapur, Nepal

March 31, 2024
Bhadrapur Ancient Mahabharata City

Archaeologists in Nepal confirm the discovery of 2,200-year-old structures linked to the Mahabharata epic, potentially revealing a city from the time of legendary figures.

Remarkable findings in Bhadrapur Municipality, Nepal, have confirmed the existence of five buildings dating back 2,200 years to the Mahabharata period. The discovery was made during excavations by the archaeological department.

Archaeologist Uddhav Acharya detailed the layout: a large building in the northeast, another to the south, one with a sentry post to the northwest, and a further large building to the west and south. Approximately 200 feet away, five additional buildings were found, including a two-story structure and quarters for security personnel.

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Acharya anticipates the site’s original building will be completely excavated next year, stating, “Maybe the excavation will be completed by next year. Deeper excavation shows the history of this place goes back to the Buddha period.”

He emphasized the need to protect the heritage site, calling for the removal of trees, relocation of a statue, restricting vehicle access, and safeguarding the area.

The Kichakbadh site has been excavated several times, with the first taking place in 2058 BS under Acharya’s leadership. A previous excavation in 2035 BS was led by history professor Ghanshyam Khanal.

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