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100 Kidnapped, Including Women and Children, in Kaduna State Attacks

March 19, 2024
Kaduna State Attacks
Photo: Reuters

Gunmen in Nigeria carried out two separate attacks over the weekend in Kaduna state, resulting in the abduction of approximately 100 individuals, as reported by residents and police on Monday.

Kidnappings orchestrated by criminal gangs seeking ransom payments have become alarmingly frequent in Nigeria, particularly in the northern regions, with authorities seemingly unable to stem the tide of such incidents.

Confirming the incidents, Kaduna police spokesperson Mansur Hassan acknowledged the attack in Kajuru Station village on Sunday night but was unable to provide an exact count of the missing individuals. He mentioned that security forces had been mobilized to initiate rescue operations for the abducted villagers.

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According to Tanko Wada Sarkin, a local village head, a total of 87 people were taken captive during the attacks. The situation underscores the ongoing security challenges faced by communities in Nigeria, especially in areas where criminal gangs operate with impunity.

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