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Young Man Killed by Lightning Strike in Bardiya

June 24, 2024
Lightning Strike in Bardiya

A 26-year-old man tragically lost his life after being struck by lightning in Bardiya district on June 24th. The deceased has been identified as Rohit Tharu, a resident of Ward No. 3, Ganeshpur, Geruwa Rural Municipality.

Tharu was working in his field, plowing the land for a paddy plantation, when the rain began. He reportedly sought shelter under a simal tree. Unfortunately, lightning struck during the storm, directly hitting Tharu.

Relatives immediately called for an ambulance and rushed him to the Rajapur Primary Health Center. However, according to Rajendra Bahadur KC, Police Inspector of Area Police Office Patabhar, Tharu was declared dead on arrival by the attending doctor.

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Inspector KC further stated that witnesses reported Tharu sitting under the tree around 7:30 AM when lightning struck. The left side of his body and clothing showed signs of burning.

Tharu’s father and uncle were present in the field at the time of the incident. Police are currently preparing to release the body to the family after completing a postmortem examination.

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