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Urlabari Tense After Tipper Accident, Locals Protest

July 2, 2024
Urlabari Tipper Accident

Urlabari in Morang erupted in protests following the death of a woman in a tipper collision on Tuesday. The incident sparked outrage, with locals hurling stones at the police office.

The accident involved a tipper (Bagmati Province 03-001 KA 1090) traveling from Madhumalla towards Urlabari and a scooter (1-01-014 PA 6833) driven by Sita Bohora, a 27-year-old resident of Urlabari-6. According to Gyanendra Bahadur Basnet, spokesperson for Morang Police, Bohora died the collision.

News of the accident ignited anger among locals, who staged a protest near the Urlabari police office. The demonstration, which began on Saturday evening, has caused tension in the area’s main square. Protesters reportedly blocked traffic on the east-west highway.

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Police reports indicate that Bohora was struck by the tipper while leaving her residence in Urlabari municipality-6 to purchase vegetables. Her son, 9-year-old Prashant Bohora, who was riding pillion, sustained injuries and is currently hospitalized at Biratnagar Neuro Hospital in Biratnagar.

The tipper and its driver, 42-year-old Lal Bahadur Limbu of Miklajung rural municipality-3, Morang, have been apprehended by the police.

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