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Talks with Protesting Fuel Transporters: Deal Expected Today

June 17, 2024
Protesting Fuel Transporters

Nepal’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply has initiated talks with petroleum transporters currently engaged in a protest. The discussions, coordinated by Commerce and Supply Secretary Dinesh Kumar Ghimire, aim to address the transporters’ grievances and end the disruption to fuel supplies.

The tanker drivers, protesting since Saturday, have put forth seven demands. Their primary concerns include social security benefits, compensation adjustments, risk allowances, and safety training. Additionally, they seek guaranteed salaries as mandated by the Labor Act and a revision of bank guarantee policies.

The closure of many private petrol pumps due to the agitation has caused inconvenience for ordinary citizens. Today’s discussions involve Dr. Chandika Prasad Bhatta, Joint Secretary of the Ministry, the Nepal Oil Corporation’s Executive Director, and representatives from both sides. There is hope that an agreement can be reached, resolving the transporters’ concerns and restoring normal fuel distribution.

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Here’s a breakdown of the transporters’ key demands:

  • Inclusion in the social security fund
  • Cancellation of double insurance for loads exceeding 50 liters
  • Risk allowance for drivers and co-drivers
  • Quarterly safety and vigilance training for drivers and co-drivers
  • Government-mandated salaries as per the Labor Act
  • Guaranteed salaries
  • Revision of bank guarantee policies, limiting double guarantees to self-employed drivers, and eliminating annual renewals

The outcome of these negotiations will be crucial in ensuring a smooth flow of fuel supplies and minimizing disruptions for Nepal’s citizens.

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